Audrey Hacking Wiki

Adding Shelf

Thanks to Servo for figuring this out

This will get you up and running on how to add shelf to the audrey.

  1. You do need files from #You need to move the following over to the audrey.
    • shelf --> /nto/photon/bin/shelf
    • config files --> /nto/photon/config/shelf/
    • dll file --> /nto/photon/dll/shelf/, except
    I also found it useful to make a symlink from /usr/photon to /nto/photon
  2. Do a chmod +x /nto/photon/bin/shelf. That should be all you need to get shelf running. I had a problem with /nto/photon/dll/shelf/ dying so I moved that to another filename so it wouldn't start.
  3. Running "shelf -c" allows you to configure shelf.
  4. Add the following lines to the beginning of /kojak/go
    • /nto/photon/bin/pterm &
    • /nto/photon/bin/shelf &
    The call to pterm is unnecessary, but it's nice to have a shell up in case something goes wrong.
  5. Now you can stop the audrey apps from running.


  • I moved /config/startup-main and /config/startup-warm to startup-main.sav and I'm not sure if that is necessary.
  • Then I went into rm-apps and commented out most things that sounded like they'd get in the way.
  • Now my audrey boots with shelf and a term running and stops there. I've added most things to a launch item under shelf. One of the problems I found is that I somehow killed the buttons on the audrey, so I can't turn it off except by unplugging it.
  • I'd also like to get to work, as that provides a more common start menu interface. So I hope someone can figure out why that's dying