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Jukebox1 — Another QNX Image V.4-0


  • Identical in structure and looks as V.USB1-1, but without additional QNX USB support
  • Regular storage space available 2 megs and 3.8 in /tmp
  • Audrey starts with a new intro that blends in with the desktop thanks to Mike
  • ActionPalette is deleted completely and replaced by 3 small scripts. No editing needed
  • You can use Network Cfg to configure your ethernet nic for a fixed IP. No need to do anything for dhcp
  • Modem users press a shelf button twice and are all set after a Reboot
  • Dialer is highly configurable by clicking "Edit" and Network Cfg pops up. Choose Advanced Options if needed
  • New "windows style" shelf that resolves network problems thanks to Sean_F
  • Buttons are remapped, apps open full screen and some more litle stuff
  • All original Audrey hardware supported out of the box
  • Some minor other changes and tweaks, including a new users manual that you can download for review here.
  • customize your Audrey now with downloads in my Audrey Repository when they become available

This update makes "Another QNX Image" identical in structure to the USB1-1 image. MP3 playing works like a charm over HTTP and with phjuke from a share, thanks to the nice utiluty. For any image I recommend not to autostart a share. Use a share only when needed instead as davinci27's new phjuke does now.

Look and Feel QNX 6.0 RTP

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