Audrey Hacking Wiki

Giving your Audrey Desktop a new look!

Tired of that greenish grey default Audrey desktop graphic? You can easily give your Audrey a new look by replacing a couple of key files and in effect, re-skin your Audrey into a new creature.


You can change the default background/desktop graphic for your Audrey by changing these files (it is reccomended that you first create a backup CF and/or back up the original files before hacking anything in the Audrey file system):

This is the plain desktop graphic that is shown on boot up and when there is nothing else on the screen. It is covered up later by whatever background graphic is defined by the currently selected channel.
This is the plain desktop graphic with the text that explains what each of the hardware buttons do, this is the default background/working desktop graphic when the channel selector is set to the white Audrey logo.
These can all be changed to reflect consistency with the countertop graphic. Beter yet, if you want to save space, just delete the original and use the "ln" command to link these to the graphic you've decided to use in /data/XML/Channels/.countertop/Template
This is the "3COM Proudly Presents" with the 3 interlocked circles graphic seen right at the beginning of the startup sequence. Theoretically, this is the one to replace if you want to change your startup splash screen to something really personal. However in reality, changing this file does not seem to effect the startup splash screen at all, perhaps the image is hardcoded into one of the startup applications? Anyways, you can safely delete this file if you really want to save 15 kb.

For example, I don't mind having the plain background graphic, but find the default countertop/desktop graphic a bit too busy with all that explanatory text. Instead, I've copied this Replacement Desktop Graphic over /data/XML/Channels/.countertop/Template/background.gif to create a brighter, easier to read desktop display. If you just want the graphic without the text labels, try this file.

Browser Skinning

If you're really feeling ambitious, Bazabba noticed that you can re-skin your browser by changing /kojak/browser.dat and the images found in /kojak/browser.images but you'd better know what you're doing. The appearance, size and positioning of ALL the buttons in Audrey's browser are all configureable if you want to give it a try, but it isn't hard to end up with an ugly, non-functioning browser!