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A bedside Audrey wall mount

I got this email awhile ago and thought I should share it with yall.

Another audrey Mount

I have two audrey's - one in my bathroom, and one in my bedroom. I wanted the bedroom unit to 'swing' out of my way, when I wanted to watch television I purchased a 'monitor arm' and modified it for my own use.

Mount1 This is the audrey swung out - I have the keyboard hanging from the wall, when I need it.

Mount2 here is the back view of it, hovering over my bed

Mount3 another view - just a note I removed the "handle" it was in the way.

Mount4 a close up of the back, I actually screwed the mount right into the audrey - Its REALLY secure

Mount5 Wide shot - just wasting bandwidth - the speaker announces time, and house events

Mount6 side view - the audrey is at the Perfect position, I use it for music playing, home automation and of course web browsing - the bottom dial is the waterbed temp controller. and the box is a x-10 controller for quick light / ac / etc control when Im too lazy to use the audrey!