Audrey Hacking Wiki

The Audrey hardware has six buttons and a knob on the front around the screen. Clockwise from the top, they are:

There is also a rocker button on the back for volume control. The small hole contains the microphone.

You cannot easily remap these buttons, though it is possible to reactivate the channels and assign arbitrary applications to these. The buttons are apparently scanned by buttond which has not been hacked or modified as of yet.

Button Combinations[]

The Audrey buttons can perform other functions as well:

  • Browser — Toggles between the full page browser and the regular browser interface with the URL entry bar, control buttons, etc.
  • Email + Address book — Touchscreen calibration
  • Datebook + On/off held down while plugging in the Audrey — CF card update, flashes/replaces the Audrey's ROM with the contents of the CF card currently inserted.
  • Datebook held down while plugging in the Audrey — CF card boot, boots from the CF card instead of the Audrey's flash ROM.
  • Email + Browser + Audrey Options — Forces a firmware update if your firmware is RC24 2/5/2001 or later. No longer functional as the 3Com update servers are no longer up, unless you set the DNS entries for one of the "spoofed" DNS Servers that point to Update servers set up by Madmax and Sucidal. aka the TFS or Three Finger Salute