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Jukebox-audrey — Audrey on Steroids V.1-1


  • Identical in structure as original Audrey, but with the same looks as my other images and as a platform highly customizable from my Audrey Repository
  • Regular storage space available 2.7 megs and 4 megs in /tmp
  • new intro that blends in with the desktop thanks to Mike
  • new shelf windows style resolving all network problems some users had
  • new files compressed, Browser removed, more storage space available
  • voyager starts minimized in shelf at boot, needed for mail
  • set your prefered home page in voyager Edit/Preferences/Information. At least temporarely I suggest (my Audrey Repository). When not in use run voyager minimized in shelf at all times to prevent the famous blue screen in mail
  • audio plugins in voyager installed
  • apps open with focus, colors now yellow active, blue inactive
  • time set properly in Audrey and shelf
  • apps included: Mail, Datebook, AddressBook, Palm Sync, ActionPalette, Terminal, Voyager, Editor, Mixer, Picture Frame, Paint, Neutrino Sin!, Shelf Cfg, Led On, Blink, Off, Share, Reboot, Shutdown, keyboards and vncviewer. Buttons, Shelf and wm pop-up menu (press Paste - Enter) work together to handle all apps
  • customize your Audrey now with available downloads in my Audrey Repository such as MP3 playing with MediaPlayer or MP3 Player, RealPlayer, CallerID, AlarmClock, Calculator, Image Viewer, SoundRecorder and Snapshot
  • no manual necessary because for the rest it's still good old orginal Audrey

Now "Audrey on Steroids" has the exact same look and feel of all my images and works like a charm, not any different from original Audrey with Mail, Datebook, Addressbook, Palm Sync, ActionPalette, voyager plus various shelf apps standard and highly customizable to your liking from my Audrey Repository.

Look and Feel Kojak

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