Audrey Hacking Wiki

The default Audrey image boots using the following process:

  1. Configure and start QNX
  2. Run /kojak/go
    1. Create /data and /temp
    2. Set environment variables
    3. Set screen contrast from /config/Contrast_level using gpio
    4. Detect a warm boot using gpio
    5. Turn on the display using gpio
    6. Call /kojak/
    7. Run /kojak/pmem2
    8. Run res
  3. /kojak/ sets up the channels
  4. What is pmem2?
  5. Res handles basic system functions

Somewhere, /config/startup-warm or /config/startup-main is also called. Maybe by res?

Jwheeler It appears that res is somewhat like init. If you lookin /config/rm-apps (the config file for res) you will see that res starts StartupMrg.

strings StartupMrg|grep startup-main

Strings on /kojak/StartupMgr shows that he is the only one with reference to /config/startup-main, /config/startup-warm, startup-other??