Audrey Hacking Wiki
Info from Fran on Linux-Hacker forum. Originally written by Baz.

The channel content is located in /data/XML/Channels. In this folder you will see 12 .ChannelXX links. XX being the number. In each channel directory is the following:

  • /.template/index.shtml - html directing the button
  • /Graphic/Graphic.gif - Graphic that appears in the Filmstrip
  • /Icon/Icon.gif - Icon that appears in Audrey Options

What I have done on my Audrey is replace the Graphic.gif with custom made graphics. Here are a few I have made. FYI: Graphic.gif dimensions= 120 x 60 pixels

  • Robert's Audrey Page
  • Ebay
  • Google
  • MSN Hotmail
  • Yahoo (Or

To replace the Graphic.gif, just change to the appropriate directory (.Channelxx/Graphic/). rm Graphic.gif to delete the file. Then download your custom icon from your your FTP or your mounted directory. It MUST be named Graphic.gif!

Now you want to create an html page that redirects your browser to the appropriate site! This is how you do it.

When your in the .ChannelXX directory, do an 'rm .template' to remove the linked folder, then 'mkdir .template' to recreate the directory. Now 'cd .template' to change to that directory. Now 'vi index.shtml' to create a new file with that name. You can also you PEDitif you have this installed. Enter the following html into index.shtml:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" Content="0;URL=http://ENTERADDRESSHERE">

Enter the address of the site you want to go to. Then save the file. Now that you have replaced the Graphic.gif and created a new index.shtml...check your FilmStrip. Sometimes the Audrey caches the images so if your new image doesn't appear...restart the Audrey. Now you can do this for /.Channel01 thru /.Channel12. /.Channel00 contains the desktop background. If you want to create your own and replace that, go right ahead. As for Icon.gif, I didn't bother replacing them because I won't mess with the Channels through Audrey Options.

Launching applications

You can launch applications with the shtml files here. Here's an example that will run frame for one hour:

<!--#exec cmd="/nto/photon/bin/frame -p 30s -k 1h /pics" -->