The Audrey includes a CompactFlash socket on the right side behind a hatch near the On/off button. This slot is intended for archiving and restoring system images and is not currently useful for general-purpose storage. This is due to the fact that kojak lacks a block driver for this hardware, having only the character driver devb-cf.

The CompactFlash card is accessed as /dev/cf, which is a character special file. This can be read and written with standard file tools like cat and tar.

The slot is controlled by devb-cf, which allows the OS to use the hardware in the slot. Simply type "devb-cf" to have the slot detected.

Warning many suggest not leaving a CompactFlash card in the slot on boot as it can become corrupted!


The card driver doesn't seem to be able to read more than 32 MB on a card.

Card database
BrandCapacityModelReported capacity
SanDisk64MBSDCFB30539264 bytes (29823 kB, 29 MB)
Kodak32MBAA0105JTI36126144 bytes (35279 kB, 34 MB)
PNY1GBTHNCF1G02PG18373872 bytes (17943 kB, 17 MB)
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