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DaveC-Img10-23-01 — DaveC's Hacked Audrey Image 10-23-01


Got some interesting changes to the CF:

-v Final Update + Shell w/ Icons
-Shutdown w/ Icons
-pED w/ Icon, mv command, Keith's on-screen Keyboard w/ Icon added to /nto/photon/bin
-/config/kcrontab modified to disable e-mail checking and updates/channel updates.  /config/kcron-apps pared down as well.
-intro.html changed (you'll see when you boot), deleted intro.swf to save space
-changed /data/XML/SystemProfile.shtml and sanitized other datafiles of my personal info (name, address, etc).  /config/ serial number zeroed out but your Audrey will re-fresh it with your SN.
-FlushCacheOnBrowserExit set to 1 (default 0)
-Allow background wav/realplay playback
-fs-cifs for file sharing added to /nto/bin
-phCalc, pFM (explorer like GUI file browser) w/ Icons added to /nto/photon/bin
-replaced default keyboard driver modified to Audrey.kbd so that <snap shot> = <esc>, <copy> = <ctrl>, <paste> = <alt>
-added psin a process manager/system info utility w/ Icon added to /nto/photon/bin

-You will note that in /kojak that many of the built in files were deleted to save space.  These are the ones that were commented out in the /config/rm-apps file.  Hotsync and 3Com Marimba server/channel updates are disabled as a result.
-sped up the startup sequences in /config/startup-warm and /config/startup-main
-added programs and libraries were compressed with flashlzo, saves lots of disk space.
-/nto/photon/bin/pterm & added to the front of the /kojak/go boot script so that you'll always have at least one pterm session open even if you screw up the boot sequence after this.
-/kojak/ contains my file share mount with my desktop, you can customize this at will for your system.  It runs from /kojak/go and includes the slay command to increase fs-cifs priority to reduce skipping during mp3 palyback
-commented out /kojak/ in /kojak/go to prevent my custom channels from being de-linked.
-removed the stock Channels (took up too much room and they weren't functioning properly) and added a few custom channels.
-added two custom channels:  Google Search and Slashdot.  Used a simplified file structure within /data/XML/Channels.  ie. .Channel01 linked (with the ln -S command) to Google, Google has it's /data/XML/Channels/Google/.template pointing to /data/XML/Channels/Google, with index.shtml containing the redirection to and the Channel Selector graphic in /data/XML/Channels/Google/Graphic/Graphic.gif.  You don't need the Icon sub directory unless you're going to use the built in SystemPanel Channel selector application (deleted that already anyways).
-Custom desktop channel, it is a modification of jayklm's desktop.tar file for a lefty like me!  You can tap on the desktop icons to launch applications and also added a date/clock display.  Need to make some cooler icons.  Desktop is defined by /data/XML/Channels/desktop/start.shtml and is pointed to by .Channel12
-removed a couple of unnecessary graphics files and used symbolic links instead to save room.  Look in .empty and .countertop directories in /data/XML/Channels to see what I did.

-phemail still doesn't work on this system, need to add a few more libraries.
-phplay plays .mp3 files over fs-cifs just fine and some web URL's work under the open URL function.  Still can't get the mime types set up right so that you can play .mp3 files over the browser.  Someone e-mail me if they figure this out.
-may have accidentally created an undeletable file /tmp 27kb in the root directory.  Having a hard time deleting it.

Have Fun, let me know what you think.

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