Audrey Hacking Wiki

Devf-ram is a ramdisk driver which allows you to use some of the Audrey's 32MB of RAM as a virtual disk drive. It is used by Infinity in many of his images and is available from his site.


Here are Infinity's instructions:

You can create a Ram drive on Audrey's internal 32MB ram. This is a temporary storage folder and will disappear when Audrey is rebooted. You can add the commands to your to have the ram drive created at boot.
1. download devf-ram from my website
2. put it in /bin
3. chmod a+x /bin/devf-ram
(skip 1 2 3 if you have devf-ram)
4. devf-ram -s0,#M -c
(# is 2,4,8,16, or 32)
5. cd /dev
(you should see fs2p0 or greater if not try a different # in step 4)
6. flashctl -p/dev/fs2p0 -v -e -f
7. cd /
(you should see fs2p0 as a folder)
:You can store anything you want in /fs2p0 but it will be erased after a reboot.  you can put step 4 and 6 in your /kojak/ to have the ram drive created at boot.