Audrey Hacking Wiki

Easy external modem setup for Audrey

Thanks to jukebox

Many Audrey owners have difficulties connecting with their ISP because of the flaky internal modem.The same goes for caller ID and acid. You can connect an external modem to Audrey in just a few steps. However your hot-sync with a PalmPilot will be gone. You can't have it all.


  1. Have Audrey setup for modem connects with the Actions Palette
  2. Edit /config/rm-apps and comment out the line with the hotsync_daemon with a #
  3. Edit /config/USER_ISP_MODEM.cxn and change "modem1" in "ser1" (without the quotes)
  4. Edit /kojak/go and put this line in the beginning:
    stty baud=115200 bits=8 < /dev/ser1
  5. Connect your external modem with the serial port in the back of Audrey
  6. Shutdown and reboot

Audrey will now use your external modem for all modem connects. You don't need the QNX dialer from the RTP, it doesn't do any better. Use connect and disconnect in Actions Palette.

However there are some extra rules. Switch your modem on after Audrey giggles and not earlier, but before Audrey wants Time and Date from the internet. You have to do this only with every reboot. Depending on the external modem you use Audrey may not be able to disconnect and you have to switch of the modem when that happens.

When you go to USB internet and back to modem again you will have to edit /config/USER_ISP_MODEM.cxn again because Audrey will have it restored to the original setting with modem1.

Another advantage of the use of an external modem with caller ID would be to use acid. It will work like a charm and very reliable.