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fs-cifs is a QNX application that allows Audrey to "mount" a shared Windows or Linux/Samba (CIFS) drive over the network. For example, if you right-click on a folder in Windows and select "Sharing", you can allow other PC's to access the drive. fs-cifs only supports share-level access control, however.

Note that this command is not included in the default Audrey image! You need to add it, possibly by installing the Plus pack.

The command is a little more complicated than the cifs daemons on some OSes, and the flags aren't well documented. Here is what a correct command will look like:

fs-cifs -a //pc: /mnt user password

In this example:

  • The sharing computer's network name is "pc"
  • The sharing computer's IP address is ""
  • The sharing computer's share name is "/Audrey"
  • We are mounting this to "/mnt" (which must be a directory which already exists)
  • The share password is "password"

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