Audrey Hacking Wiki

/kojak/gpio is a command which allows the user to change Audrey's hardware settings. Known functions include screen brightness and turning on and off the screen.


Use this command to set the screen brightness:

/kojak/gpio -m 15 -s [0-15]

Level 0 is the brightest, and level 15 is the darkest. For example, the following will set the screen to a normal level:

/kojak/gpio -m 15 -s 8

Screen on/off[]

Use this command to turn the screen on and off:

/kojak/gpio -a 0x40010004 -b6 -m3 -s [0-3]

The settings are as follows:

  • 0 - turn the screen off
  • 1 - clear the screen
  • 2 - seems to be the same as 0
  • 3 - turn the screen on