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Description Older version of InfinityAudrey1.1. This is an UPDATED image based on the jukebox3 image. Please visit jukebox's homepage for detail on This has all the apps included in the jukebox3 image plus more. Added phicq, phjuke,etc. The image is cleaned, some apps fixed and shelf is reconfigured to resemble windows. Start up files are cleaned and boot time is drastically reduced. Date and Time is updated automatically at startup silently, you don't have to press the datebook button to update time anymore. Most application windows are reconfigure to open to proper screen size and placement. All the hardware buttons are remapped. Datebook=phalarm, Browser=voyager, Addressbook=phjuke, Mail=phpostal, action=audrey optionm Filmstrip channel knob=pterm. you can remap them to anything you desire of course. Audrey options can be accessed by icon in shelf(button still works). search thread at for my notes.

UPDATED!! eBulletin(Paint+LED, urgent=Blinking LED,Attention=LED on), screen saver (in semi working condition with RandomPic, previews perfectly but it starts hidden in the background when activated after a set time, it only comes back with a keypress then it will continue fine, exit with a screen tap. if someone can bring it to the foreground then we have a working PicFrame screen saver),phshutdown, updated wm pop up menu.

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