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Description Older version of InfinitySpecial1.1S

This one has ntaim (a nice text AIM client) and is ready to flash directly from this website.

The .zip extensions are there so when downloading from Audrey using Voyager, it won't try to decode them but bring up a save box instead. Follow the instructions here to save directly to the CF card in Audrey then reflash Audrey. Change .zip to .cf and Use them as unzipped images when downloading to a PC. as I am calling it is created from scratch (not based on anyone else's image, created from my original audrey image). has over 2.0+MB of FREE space for storage, fast bootup (if you like slow bootups you can put an intro.swf in). Let me just give you guys/gals a short summary of what is included:

  • 1. palm sync
  • 2. original mail(scribble,audio recorder included,LED indicator)
  • 3. Datebook
  • 4. Address Book
  • 5. Voyager
  • 6. MP3 player (Phjuke for no skip mp3 playing, if you like skips you can try other players)
  • 7. Shelf (windows style, left or right handed)
  • 8. eBulletin (post-it notes with LED, turns off led when exits)
  • 9. Task manager (neutrino sin)
  • 10. File manager (pfm)
  • 11. Random Picture Frame (tap screen to exit)
  • 12. Fully functional RandomPic Screen Saver(with my advance script, tap screen to exit)
  • 13. Real audio player
  • 14. Alarm Clock
  • 15. calculator
  • 16. Caller ID
  • 17. Ped Text Editor
  • 18. Keyboard
  • 19. screen capture
  • 20. picture viewer
  • 21. Audio recorder+mixer
  • 22. VNC viewer
  • 23. media player phplay (for voyager online streaming)
  • 24. Background Exchanger(switches between your customized background and original,some people like the original look and prefer less cluttering of the Email, Datebook,

and addresbook apps because those are transparent and the background will show through)

  • 25. all mail functions kept, LED indicator works.
  • 26. Start LR (to toggle left or right start button)
  • 27. A Tutorial(all my old notes+new ones) is integrated in Control Panel so you can customize everything to your desire.

This is the most Advance image without sacrificing any of the original audrey functionalities. Watch for my next image with full USB support with most of all functions above.

Look and Feel

Author Infinity