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Description is an advanced replacement Audrey image. The "S" versions are slightly updated from the popular "a" versions with even more features, including davinci's iterations of phjuke and picsaver (with mount options). Note that the image is actually a .cf file, so while flashing it rename it to .cf. DO NOT try to open it as a .zip file, as this won't work.

What is included:

  • palm sync
  • original mail (scribble, audio recorder, LED indicator)
  • Datebook
  • Address Book
  • Voyager
  • MP3 player (Phjuke)
  • Shelf (windows style, left or right handed)
  • eBulletin (post-it notes with LED, turns off led when exits)
  • Task manager (Neutrino sin)
  • File manager (pfm)
  • PicSaver (randomizes pics efficiently)
  • Fully functional RandomPic Screen Saver
  • Real audio player
  • Alarm Clock
  • calculator
  • Caller ID
  • Ped Text Editor
  • Onscreen Keyboard
  • screen capture
  • picture viewer
  • Audio recorder+mixer
  • VNC viewer
  • media player phplay (for voyager online streaming)
  • Background Exchanger(switches between your customized background and original)
  • Start LR (to toggle left or right start button)
  • One touch email cleanup
  • StopWatch
  • ntAIM (text AIM client)
  • cron (schedule automated events)
  • A Tutorial(many questions can be answered here)

This is the most Advanced image without sacrificing any of the original Audrey functionalities.

Look and Feel

Author Infinity