Audrey Hacking Wiki



My image requires a smb/nfs mount point called /mount with all the libraries and binaries from qnx 6.0 & 6.0.  If the mount point is missing Audrey will have limitations. You should backup you Audrey before you flash it (if possible).  The method I used to obtain a copy of my image is dangerous.  If ANY thing goes wrong, you will have a $89 paper weight.   Flashing your Audrey with my image could cause your Audrey to die.  I will not be responsible for your dead Audrey.  Ok you where warned. 

Hacks I applied to my Audrey:
Shell Hack (Added via server)
Shell Launch Hack (Shell Button under Audrey’s options)
Mounting of smb file system
Mp3 Hack
Mpeg video hack (will play mpeg video files. This is a memory hog and will cause you Audrey to lock up.)
Web Embedded mp3 playback  
Web embedded mpg video playback (will cause Audrey to hang)
Stopping hotsync_manager from loading
Got Channels working by hard-coding 
Removed some of the un-needed files to free up space.

Look and Feel

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