Audrey Hacking Wiki

Changing the Keyboard map

Thanks go to suicidal

The mapping of the following keys has changed:

'Snapshot' -> 'Esc'
'Copy' -> 'Ctrl'
'Paste' -> 'Alt'

This will make it a little easier for some of those cut and paste shortcuts not to mention sending a ^C.


Get the audrey.kbd file from and copy it to /nto/photon/keyboard/en_US_101.kbd.

Now do one of the following...

  1. Run ps | grep devi-k (or ps | more and look for the devi-kojak process). Then run "kill <pid> ; /kojak/devi-kojak -b touch ir", where <pid> is the devi-kojak process id, all on one command line. Your pterms should now be using the new keyboard layout.
  2. Run 'shutdown' or reboot the audrey in your favorite manner.

On Screen Keyboard

Keith_D has written the first native QNX application specific for the hacked Audrey. It puts up a minimizeable window that has a tappable keyboard that lets you enter text easily with just the stylus. Be free from your keyboard!

Note: This is a native QNX 6.0 application so you will not need to add any additional libraries or files other than this program to your /nto/photon/bin directory.