Audrey Hacking Wiki

Keyboard and Button Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the first hacks you should implement is that replacement of the stock .kbd driver for the new one compiled by the very talented Suicidal. See this article for details on how to do this.

This converts the copy key to ctrl and paste to alt (snap shot has always coincided with esc), allowing you to utilize the following handy keyboard shortcuts...

  • esc + alt = Task/Windows switching. No more Windows lost behind the built in applications, just hit this sequence to bring up your various active applications in sequence. Note, this is a different feature than the alt + tab task switching that is turned on by installing the wmswitch program. This is apparently a built in task switching capability.


The following keys are active while in the browser, however as the Audrey uses the voyager web server to serve up its interface, you may find these keys active and usefull when viewing pages brought up via your Channel selector knob:

  • alt + left arrow = Back
  • shift + Back Space = Back
  • alt + right arrow = Forward
  • shift + up = Page Up
  • shift + down = Page Down
  • shift + enter = Reload
  • ctrl + r = Reload
  • ctrl + p = Print
  • ctrl + tab or alt + tab = Highlights URL address entry


  • ctrl + alt + Up Arrow = Display previous line buffer page
  • ctrl + alt + Down Arrow = Display next line buffer page
  • ctrl + alt + < = Change to Smaller Font (maintaining current window size)
  • ctrl + alt + > = Change to Larger Font (maintaining current window size)
  • ctrl + alt + { = Change to Smaller Font (w/ adjustment of window size)
  • ctrl + alt + } = Change to Larger Font (w/ adjustment of window size)
  • alt + enter : brings up a Taks Switcher menu that appears to be configured in these two files /nto/photon/.ph/wm/wm.cfg and You can configure this menu to show whatever programs/text you want by editing the file and rebooting. However, though the menu is updated, selecting an option/program at this point does not appear to do anything (even with specifying the explicit file path and not just the program name). This might be usefull to execute programs without having to go to the Audrey Options system panel if anyone can actually figure out how to get it working.

Button Combinations

The Audrey buttons can perform other functions as well:

  • Browser = Toggles between the full page browser and the regular browser interface with the URL entry bar, control buttons, etc.
  • Email + Addressbook = Touchscreen Calibration
  • Datebook + Power held down while plugging in the Audrey = CF Card update, flashes/replaces the Audrey's ROM with the contents of the CF Card currently inserted.
  • Datebook held down while plugging in the Audrey = CF Card Boot, Boots from the CF Card instead of the Audrey's flash ROM.
  • Email + Browser + Audrey Options = Forces a firmware update if your firmware is RC24 2/5/2001 or later. No longer functional as the 3Com update servers are no longer up, unless you set the DNS entries for one of the "spoofed" DNS Servers that point to Update servers set up by Madmax and Sucidal. aka the TFS or Three Finger Salute