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==Boost the speed of Audrey's CPU by 133mhz==
==Boost the speed of Audrey's CPU by 133mhz==
This is just in from a former 3COM employee:
This is just in from a former 3COM employee:

Latest revision as of 17:49, 14 May 2008

Boost the speed of Audrey's CPU by 133mhz

This is just in from a former 3COM employee:

you can boost the speed of Audrey's CPU so that you get a more robust experience web browsing, playing Macromedia Flash, and listening to Real Audio streams. You can do this by moving one resistor (R139 -> R140) and removing two resistors from the board (R176 and R213). You'll also need to put a heatsink on the GX1 processor and cut out part of the shield so that you have better airflow to the heatsink. This will make your 200Mhz CPU run at 333Mhz. Be warned though that you could end up frying your unit and end up with a nice bookend or paperweight. Also, if your soldering skills aren't the best, I DO NOT suggest you attempt this. I've been running my Audrey at home at 333Mhz and it's been fine. Web pages come up quicker, screen refreshes are noticeably snappier. Your luck may vary...batteries not included...manufacturer's warranty will be strings reading this you agree to the licensing secret...look Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat...if you are caught, I will disavow any knowledge of this mission...yadda yadda yah...and finally, drink a lot of caffeine before you start soldering... ;-)

Well.. you heard the man start soldering... -harper

here is some detail on the above mentions parts. Thanks to: Keith Benoit.

R139 R140 CPU.jpg
R139 R140 CPU
R139 R140 Detail.jpg
R139 R140 Detail
R176 R213.jpg
R176 R213