Audrey Hacking Wiki

deloucl User:Pedxing created a "Plus pack" for the Audrey shell. This includes some commonly-requested UNIX command-line tools.


This package includes the following commands:

  • mv - move files
  • less - page through text files (like more but better)
  • cmp - compress executables on disk to save space
  • fs-cifs - mount Windows shares on Audrey
  • fs-nfs2 - mount UNIX shares on Audrey
  • use - gives help on various commands
  • cut - command-line editing (used by cmp)
  • grep - search inside files


  1. Download the "Plus" pack to your Audrey
  2. From a root shell, change to the filesystem root:
cd /
  1. Un-tar the file
tar -xvpf plus.tar

Note that once this is installed, you can cd to /nto/bin and use cmp to compress all these executables to save space! Just do this:

  1. cd /nto/bin
  2. cmp mv less use cut fs-cifs fs-nfs2