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Jukebox-usb1 — QNX Audrey Platform with QNX USB Support V.1-1


  • The most versatile QNX Audrey platform currently available and highly customizable for demanding users as an extra. For the rest this image is identical in setup, looks and ease of use as "Another QNX Image" V.4-0 with the exact same apps installed. See V.4-0 for a full description of the installed apps.
  • Regular storage space available 1.6 megs and 3.8 megs in /tmp
  • QNX 6.1 network setup installed
  • QNX 6.1 USB setup installed. All QNX supported USB devices are supported with "out of the box" support for klsi nics, Microsoft and MAC mice, keyboards and standard Audrey Canon printers
  • Installed already are nice and renice to set and change priorities of running apps
  • Advanced users can customize Audrey now with available downloads in my Audrey Repository such as network setups for klsi, pegasus, tiny or full tcpip stack, ppoed, network utilities, Spooler Ctrl and more
  • All original Audrey hardware is supported "out of the box"

This image allows you to use Audrey as a stand alone internet appliance with more possibilties we ever thought possible when we took Audrey new out of the box. And If you have a LAN share available you have a nice platform to do more customizing yourself and add apps from a share. When a new QNX version becomes available I will update this USB1-1 version for use with more supported USB devices. Next step will be to hook up a USB storage device with Audrey.

Look and Feel QNX 6.1

Author Jukebox