Audrey Hacking Wiki

Steven Grimm updated PhJuke back in 2003/02/18, which is a jukebox application designed for Photon. You can see the updates from the original version of PhJuke here:

If you use the Infiniy Ultimate 1.1S image, you may find that the version of PhJuke is unable to play ogg files. The update allows you to play ogg files quite beautifully. Many thanks to Steven Grimm for the update.

You can find his website here:

The update makes PhJuke version 1.1, and MAD 0.14.2b (madplay), and OGG Vorbis 1.0RC2 (ogg123).

You can download the update from here:

Directions (from his site):

With all that out of the way, assuming you've downloaded the bundle of both programs, here's what you need to do to install them. These instructions assume that you've saved the file to whichever directory you're remote-mounting on the Audrey (easier than setting up FTP on the Audrey).

  1. Open a shell on your Audrey
  2. Type cd /nto/bin
  3. If you downloaded the compressed version of the bundle, type zcat /xxx/phjuke-bundle.tar.gz | tar xvf - where /xxx is the path to your remote-mounted directory, the one where you saved the file. If you downloaded the non-compressed version, instead type tar xvf /xxx/phjuke-bundle.tar