Audrey Hacking Wiki

The stylus is a pen-sized transparent plastic rod with a gray rubber tip. It is used to 'point and tap' Audrey's touch-sensitive screen in order to select an item (button, text, menu, etc) and issue a command.

The stylus may be stored in a plastic-lined hole located on the top of the Audrey. When docked in its holder, most of the stylus remains exposed and gives the Audrey a whimsical appearance. To the uninitiated, the stylus can be mistaken for an antenna.

The docked stylus also serves as a beacon. When email arives, or a Datebook alarm is triggered, the stylus is illuminated with a flashing green light. The top of the stylus has a conical depression whose surface has a matte finish. It serves as a reflector and enhances the flashing light.

Some Audreys are equipped with a stylus that features a narrow ridge, about a centimeter in length (< 1/2") orientated along the length of the stylus, at its top end. This little design flourish may have only appeared in late-model Audreys or in replacement styli.