Audrey Hacking Wiki

System panel is the name for the configuration selector that pops up when you press the actions palette button and select "Audrey options". This is an executable file stored in /kojak and is configured using the SystemPanel.init file.

SystemPanel.init configuration[]

SystemPanel.init configures the content and actions of the Audrey system panel.


The file has four comma-separated fields:

  • label is an optional name for a kojak process. This field is left blank for launching executables.
  • icon is the name of a gif file in /kojak/img/eng/config that will be shown in the panel. Each file is called "something_button.gif", and a second file, "something_button_activated.gif" will be called when you tap the icon. You need to use the full "something_button.gif" name here.
  • action is either "kojak" to use a kojak process or "launch" for an executable. You'll probably only ever use "launch".
  • command is what the button does. Enter either the ID of a kojak process or the full path to an executable.

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