Audrey Hacking Wiki

Quick install

User:Pedxing has put together a quick install package to get telnetd, inetd, and ftp up and running quickly on the stock Audrey image. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the inetd.tar file to a shared drive on a pc
  2. Mount the shared drive. Assuming the file is in a share called "Audrey" on a PC called "PC" with the IP address "", execute this command from Audrey's root shell:
fs-cifs -a //PC: /mnt name password
  1. Change to the root directory with this command:
cd /
  1. Un-tar the file with this command:
tar -xvpf /mnt/inetd.tar
  1. Now reboot and you're up and running!

Detailed steps

Thanks go to jayklm This is a simple description of what you have to do to get telnetd/inetd to work with the audrey. You will have to know unix and have a good udnerstanding of telnetd/inetd architecture.

The operation

  1. (assuming you have qnx 6.1 mounted at /qnx)
    ln -s /qnx/etc/passwd /etc/passwd
    ln -s /qnx/etc/shadow /etc/shadow
    ln -s /qnx/etc/services /etc/services
    ln -s /qnx/etc/protocols /etc/protocols
    ln -s /qnx/etc/inetd.conf /etc/inetd.conf
    ln -s /qnx/bin/login /bin/login
    ln -s /qnx/usr/x86/usr/bin/ftpd /bin/ftpd
    ln -s /qnx/usr/x86/usr/bin/telnetd /bin/telnetd
    ln -s /qnx/usr/x86/usr/bin/inetd /bin/inetd
  2. add this to /kojak/ :
  3. create /etc/profile as:
    export ABLPATH_PATH=/nto/photon/translations
    export CMD_INT=/bin/sh
    export FLASHMEMORYLIMIT=1024
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/kojak:/proc/boot:/nto/lib:/nto/photon/lib:/nto/photon/dll:/real/plugins:/real/common:/kojak
    export PATH=/proc/boot:/nto/bin:/nto/photon/bin:/kojak:/nto/voyager/x86/bin:/real/bin:/tmp:/kojak/CGI:/kojak/CGI
  4. try runing login first to make sure everything is good.
  5. if that works try running:
    telnetd -debug -Q
  6. then telnet to your audrey's ip.. if that works then reboot! :)


  1. Change the root password!!! It's currently "root" and this is BAD. Use "passwd root" to create a new /etc/nshadow file, and then copy that to /etc/shadow with "cp /etc/nshadow /etc/shadow".
  1. This overwrites your existing /kojak/ file. This should be fine for plain Audreys, but if you have edited this file you should back it up first and merge your edits with these new lines:
ln -sPf /nto/lib/ /usr/lib/
  1. Telnet and FTP daemons are not all that secure, and you should be careful using this on a system that is connected to the Internet. Definitely put this (and all systems) behind a firewall at the very least!