Audrey Hacking Wiki

Tips and Tricks

Thanks to all who have hacked these out...

Forced Update or TFS

  • Email Button Saturn looking button (Web Browser) and the Action Button which is just above the power/sleep button

Adding "Shutdown" and "Terminal" buttons to the Options menu and new button graphics to the mix:

  1. Get new button files
    The button graphics are at . Go there and download
    them. They are:
    Eventually, I will have an FTP server where I can serve these files directly from,
    so users can FTP directly from the Audrey. However, for now, you'll have to download
    them to a local box and run your own FTP server to transfer the files to Audrey -
    that is unless someone is willing to host the files on an FTP server??
  2. Start a shell
    Fire up the browser and go to "http://localhost/shell.shtml?pterm"
  3. In the shell, type "cd /kojak/img/eng/config" (without quotes)
  4. From there FTP to your box and download the four files:
  5. Then, type "vi /kojak/SystemPanel.init" to edit the System Panel config.
    Personally, I don't feel that I need the "Printer", "Password", and "Credit Card"
    buttons. So, to disable them, the config lines must be commented out with a
    octothorp (AKA - "pound", the '#' character). Use the cursor keys to go to the lines
    that begin:
    For each line, hit the following keys in order:
    # Puts you into insert mode
    -<3> # Adds the '#' character to where the cursor is
    # Takes you out of insert mode
    Then, go to the line that reads:
    #end of list
    And type the following:
    # That capital letter 'O' - enter Open Mode in a new line above current line
    # Exit open mode
    <:> # Preface to command
    # will tell vi to write the buffer
    # will tell vi to quit
    # will have vi actually execute the two previous commands
    Now, if you hit the "Action" button and select "Audrey Options", you should have two
    new buttons.
    ,terminal_button.gif,etc,etc,etc == no label
    KSH,terminal_button.gif,etc,etc, == now places 'KSH' as a text label below the icon

Disabling Sleep Mode

change /config/SYSTERM_ScreenSaveSecs from 500 to 0

Screen Brightness Adjustment

# /kojak/gpio -m 15 -s 6

change the 6 for different levels

Turning Screen on and off

You can use gpio to turn the screen on and off. I'm not sure if it's going into a sleep mode of any kind though. But then again, I'm not sure if the audrey ever goes into sleep mode or just turns off the screen. The command is:

     /kojak/gpio -a 0x40010004 -b6 -m3 -s opt

where opt is a number between 0 and 3. 0 turns the screen off, 1 clears the screen, 2 seems to be the same as 0, and 3 turns the screen on.

Enabling full 12bit display in the browser :

Set /config/BROWSER_Use256Colors to 0

note that when the browser exits, it rewrites the config file, so you need to do this immediately after booting and before running the browser, or just popup a shell. Do a "ps". Look for the process id of the process that says "Browser" in its name. Type "kill xxx" where xxx is that process id. Edit the file. Exit the shell. Hit the browser button. No need to reboot.

     You can increase the value in "/config/BROWSER_ImageCacheSizeKB" to increase the image cache size.

Changing the frequency of new e-mail checking

In the /config diretory you will find a file


using vi you will see a line that looks something like this

     app; min; hour; day; dweek; month

You can either change the number (in this example 54) to a * and it will update every minute, or you can add 12 lines all the same except for the minute 5 , 10 , 15 etc.... and it will update on those minutes past the hour.

A file called MAIL_MDMailPollInterval in the /config directory, but the value is set at 2, if it even has to do anything with what you're looking for.

Browser Pop Up's


     echo 1 > /config/BROWSER_AllowNewWindow
     and reboot


     echo 0 > /config/BROWSER_AllowNewWindow

and reboot

Triggering Serial Port Update

if you hold down the mail and datebook buttons while plugging in the audrey, it comes up saying "Ready to load image from serial port"

Using a USB Keyboard

Using a USB Keyboard You need to have the ability to run 6.1 binaries. You also need to stop usb-ohci from running as that screws up the usb connections. After that you need the 6.0 file devi-hirun and the 6.1 files devu-ohci and devu-kbd.

     Then run:
     devu-ohci &
     devu-kbd &
     devi-hirun kbd -R fd -d/dev/usbkbd0 &

You need a couple extra files to get ethernet running. You need and After that the command "io-net -d klsi -p ttcpip" should hopefully create /dev/io-net/en0. If you're running a dhcp server, then run dhcp.client to bring en0 up.

Using a USB Mouse

From the shell/pterm, run the following:

     devu-ohci &
     devu-mouse &
     devi-hirun msoft fd -d/dev/usbmouse0 &
     To use a serial mouse:
     devi-hirun msoft fd -d /dev/ser1 &
     Note, you won't have a visible on screen mouse cursor