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3Com sold a USB Ethernet adapter especially for use with the Audrey. The model was 3C19250, and it's a straightforward USB adapter using the Kawasaki LSI KL5KUSB101 chipset. The Linksys USB10T, Netgear EA-101, and D-Link DSB-650C are similar. However, the Audrey won't necessarily support these other devices unless you reprogram their Vendor_ID and Device_ID values to match the 3COM device (0506 and 03e8, respectively). You can do this using Kawasaki LSI's "qttools" software.

Normally, the Ethernet adapter is noticed early in the boot process and dhcp is run to get an IP address. Otherwise, you can program the address manually in the system panel.

Setting the USB device IDs[]

USB device IDs
Vendor_ID Device_ID Device Name
03e8 0008 AOX Endpoints USB Ethernet
0506 03e8 3Com 3C19250
0557 2002 ATEN USB Ethernet
0557 4000 D-Link DSB-650C
0565 0002 Peracom Enet
0565 0005 Peracom Enet2
05e9 0008 KLSI KL5KUSB101B
05e9 0009 KLSI KL5KUSB101B
066b 2202 Linksys USB10T
06e1 0008 ADS USB-10BT
06e1 0009 ADS USB-10BT
0707 0100 SMC 2202USB
07aa 0001 Correga K.K.
07b8 4000 D-Link DU-E10
0846 1001 NetGear EA-101
0846 1002 NetGear EA-101
085a 0008 PortGear Ethernet Adapter
085a 0009 PortGear Ethernet Adapter
087d 5704 Jaton USB Ethernet Device Adapter
0951 0008 Kingston Technology USB Ethernet Adapter
095a 3003 Portsmith Express Ethernet Adapter
10bd 1427 ASANTE USB To Ethernet Adapter
1342 0204 Mobility USB-Ethernet Adapter
13d2 0400 Shark Pocket Adapter
1645 0005 Entrega E45
1645 0008 Entrega USB Ethernet Adapter
1645 8005 PortGear Ethernet Adapter
2001 4000 D-link DSB-650C

If you have a compatible USB device, you can manually set the Vendor_ID and Device_ID to match the 3C19250. Here's how:

  1. Download on a Windows machine
  2. Unzip the file and edit qtprog.inf and add a line to match your device. The Linksys usb10t uses this line:
  1. Plug in the USB adapter and point it to the driver in the qttools directory
  2. Run macparse.exe and click "Read EEPROM"
  3. Click "Allow Change of Mfgr Info"
  4. Select "Keep new VID/PID"
  5. Change the Vendor_ID to 0506 and the Device_ID to 03e8
  6. Change the Product name to anything you like
  7. Click "Update"

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